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Groupe B&B Hôtels


The new concept of the B&B, bed & breakfast, centers on a “value grid”: simplicity (clever and functional space), well-being (femininity, harmony, security), conviviality (proximity, local grounding, generosity) and actuality (aestheticism, freshness, dynamism).

The idea: offer quality low-cost whereas this type of product is all too often excessively cold and austere.  The entire guest experience has been revised along four major axes with help from the design agency Saguez and Partners: the hotel’s surroundings, the room, the bathroom and services in general. The outside appearance has been redesigned, particularly through an in-depth consideration of planting. Inside, each floor, including rooms, now has its own color code. Corporate services,  meanwhile, are more functional, warmer. Among the details that make the difference: each room has a high wood headboard,  a mirror panel, a desk for working and a flat-screen television. 

The bathroom has a lit mirror panel, a bigger shower basin and a bathtub... fittings that are much higher quality than what is generally required for the hard budget segment. Nearly three million euros were invested in the project, from the elaboration to the implementation of a prototype at Morlaix. With such a concept, the chain has every chance of succeeding in its challenge to expand its target to leisure clientele. The concept is currently underway at 20 hotels. With this new image, B&B Hotels will introduce the notion of a “hotel where one feels at home" in a category where until now one expected only functionality.


Club Méditerranée - “Village de Peisey Vallandry "

The village of Peisey-Vallandry in Savoy is the banner that best expresses the Club’s rise in range. This collection of buildings-chalets stretches over 25,000 sq.m at an altitude of 1,600 m at the gates of the national park of Vanoise. Jean-Philippe Nuel, architect-decorator recognized for his works in the luxury hotel segment, wanted to differentiate this property from the upscale alpine resorts where the standard is classic. This does not mean abandoning noble stone and wood, instead it is a question of using them in a more modern manner, by playing on contrasts. According to Nuel, his goal is "to make this village rise out of the earth in such a manner as to suggest that it has always been there". The result is a timeless character, a natural harmony between architecture and the environment. "An ideal representation of the mountain". The tour de force also lies in having succeeded in creating festive and accessible living spaces that are also plush and intimate. The design surpasses simple regionalism to bring its guests on a world tour: the spa evokes Asia, one of the two restaurants refers to Scandinavian tradition with its wood isbas, while the rooms act like veritable modern and hi-tech cocoons. Another innovation: a corner for teens baptized "Passworld", that is totally in keeping with the new generations and designed so that everyone is able to do what he wants while creating connections and experiencing fulfilment. 

Best Western Germany - "Football Fan Rooms"

During the FIFA World Cup, thirty Best Western properties in twenty towns provided fans of the black and white ball with rooms especially designed for them. Each room was individually decorated with a football theme, and filled with surprising and amusing details: pennants in the teams’ colors, quilts representing a football field, seats shaped like balls, flags, shirts and different gadgets... Even the electronic cards for entering the rooms were redecorated with the colors of the World Cup. Each property participating in the operation also had an electronic bulletin board where the scores and latest news concerning the competition were kept updated. Finally, all personnel wore a team shirt with their name on it throughout the event. The initiative drew attention from the media worldwide, ensuring strong publicity for the brand as well as the sympathy of football lovers of which there is a vast number!