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Sublimotion by Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza


Sublimotion is the brainchild of two Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero, which opened in an exclusive space within Ibiza’s hottest new property for 2014, the five-star Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.

Not only the world's most advanced and innovative restaurant, Sublimotion is an unparalleled gastro-sensory journey, offering just twelve diners at a time an unprecedented dining experience through culinary art and technological innovation. Roncero's latest project has evolved from his culinary workshop at the Casino de Madrid, which opened in 2012 and offers diners the chance to enter into an imagination laboratory where the latest advancements in gastronomy, cinema and technology fuse together to create a unique experience that never ceases to surprise the diner. Sublimotion, has evolved as an expansion of Roncero's ever-evolving vision, focusing on how gastronomy connects all five senses.

Sublimotion's state-of-the-art systems, which include 360° screens of over 7,000,000 pixels and50,000 lumens, create a vivid setting to evoke all the senses ensuring that the experience goes way beyond that of a normal restaurant, from controlling the temperature and scents, to arranging a musical ambiance fit for any occasion. Every surface, from the walls to the table, can be projected onto, and the staff do not only consist of an expert team of chefs, sommeliers and waiters, but also designers, technicians, musicians and illusionists.

Diners can expect the unexpected as they taste their way through the delectable menu created by Roncero exclusively for Sublimotion. Roncero's concept is about creating modern and experimental Spanish cuisine, using the best quality raw ingredients and then presenting them in unique and unexpected ways, never compromising on taste. Roncero's most cherished ingredient, olive oil, features widely across the menu, but always in a new and unrecognisable form; for example as a pillow of nitrogenised olive oil pegged to a washing line. The flavours are designed to cause a stir among the senses; from evoking memories and moments of humour, pleasure and fear. Diners will be taken on a gastronomic journey without needing to leave Ibiza, from the North Pole to the depths of the sea, stopping in Central Park, baroque Versailles or an oriental garden along the way...

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The two finalists

Le Comptoir Campanile by LOUVRE HOTELS

Convinced that business travellers are not just looking for a place to sleep from a purely rational viewpoint, Louvre Hotels Group launches a new hospitality concept in its hotels that puts a “feel-good” experience and pleasure back at the heart of the budget hotel offer.

Articulated around a stylish zinc "Bar-Comptoir", the lobby becomes the hotel's living area, a perfect place to socialise, the focal point of various service and activity offers. The rooms are redefined by their original function: a room to sleep in. This new concept conserves the Campanile brand's DNA - "Welcome to our place" - with a warm welcome, conviviality and "home-away-from-home" design... a reinvented French auberge! Click here for the entire submission.

Xperience at Sofitel SO Singapore

Located in Singapore inside Sofitel SO Singapore, Xperience is a destination social club based on Gastro Bar (lounge bar and convivial dining) proposing contemporary global cuisine interpreted by a Resident female chef Anne-Cecile Degenne (Runner-up in Top Chefs France 2014) from an opening kitchen in the middle of restaurant including a 20 feet black Matte French Stove Molteni and a LED-bed used as chef table with a dedicated menu, “In bed with The Chef”.

The term Gastro bar is a “Porte-manteau” between gastronomy and lounge bar meaning a bar to dine by merging the restaurant and bar. The concept of a restaurant in a bar has reinvigorated both bar culture and gastronomy dining. Click here for the entire submission.

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