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The student Hotel: Boutique hotel meets student dormitory

BEST INNOVATION HOTEL "Individual initiative" 2014

HELLO. MIND IF WE BOAST? THE STUDENT HOTEL is where the needs of the demanding 21st century student and today’s design-savvy traveller meet in dynamic harmony. By fusing luxury, long-stay student accommodation with short-stay facilities for the social globetrotter, THE STUDENT HOTEL is pioneering a modern hybrid in hospitality.

The movement of students between countries is a global phenomenon. According to the OECD, the population of internationally mobile students more than doubled from 2.1 million in 2000 to 4.5 million in 2011. Concurrently, the number of international students in Europe increased by 114 per cent, with above-average growth in urban centres where English-language tuition is available. The number of international students is set to rise to 8 million by 2020, exacerbating an already profound shortage of affordable accommodation.

With the goal of satisfying - and exceeding - the expectations of this fast-growing audience, THE STUDENT HOTEL offers fully-serviced, state-of-the-art accommodation in four cities throughout Benelux: 146 rooms in Liège (established 2009), 485 rooms in Rotterdam (2012), 707 rooms in Amsterdam (2013) and 309 rooms in The Hague (2014). Plans are underway to open further properties across Europe, fulfilling THE STUDENT HOTEL vision for a network of welcoming hubs where students from different academic institutions can make connections.


Each branch of THE STUDENT HOTEL offers safe, convenient accommodation with bedding, designer furniture, communal kitchens and Internet for as little as 400 Euro per month. Facilities including library, gym, games room and restaurant mean hassle-free living can be enjoyed in a superbly social environment. Events hosted at THE STUDENT HOTEL properties attract big crowds, as well as sponsorship from brands keen to connect with residents.

It occurred to the founders of THE STUDENT HOTEL that if the accommodation needs of students, young professionals and youth travellers could be combined under one roof, it could result in a vibrant environment, benefitting everyone. The qualities that make THE STUDENT HOTEL attractive to international students are leveraged to attract today's inquisitive global leisure travellers...

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The two Finalists


This file is only available in French. Le 123 Sébastopol ouvert depuis septembre 2013 est un hôtel 4 étoiles dédié au cinéma, dont le concept s'appuie sur la participation active de grands noms du 7ème Art à la décoration, en collaboration avec l'architecte du projet, Philippe Maidenberg.Chacun des six étages de l'hôtel est dédié à un artiste qui y a apporté sa touche personnelle. A chaque étage, le client découvre des chambres avec une atmosphère différente, empreinte de la personnalité de l'artiste auxquelles elles sont dédiées.Les uniformes du personnel sont un hommage aux ouvreuses des cinémas d'après-guerre.L'hôtel se situe boulevard de Sébastopol où l'on trouvait autrefois des salles de cinéma aujourd'hui disparues.Proche du Grand Rex et du cinéma Max Linder, des salles de spectacle sur les Grands Boulevards, l'hôtel 123 Sébastopol est le seul boutique hotel 4 étoiles du quartier, en harmonie avec son environnement. Click here for the entire submission


Build within the sports arena of Qatar, THE TORCH DOHA – member of Leading Hotels of the World is an iconic 5-star luxury hotel which brings together the latest in-room technology with high-end amenities and fine dining options.The unique structure of the hotel includes 163 rooms and suites equipped with automated iPad in-room solution, introduced for the first time in a luxury hotel in the Middle East and one of the first in the world. The revolutionary concept launched in September 2012 is a customized software which allows guests to enjoy complete autonomy inside the room with a single tap on the screen.The new service was introduced in order to establish the property’s ability to innovate and position itself as a 5-star luxury hotel equipped with the latest technology. The hotel became proactive through focusing its entire concept on pioneering the customer engagement technology in the hospitality industry in Qatar and worldwide. Click here for the entire submission.

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