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CITYHUB - Urban Hotel


CityHub is an urban hotel for digital natives. Stay in your own Hub and tune in to the city 24/7 CityHub : Your key to Amsterdam On Friday 30 October 2015, CityHub opened the doors to its first hotel on the up-and-coming Bellamystraat in Amsterdam’s Oud West district. With 50 state-of-the-art sleeping units, a ‘digital first’ lobby and an app that familiarises travellers with the city, CityHub has hit the nail on the head when it comes to fulfilling the needs of the travel-savvy Generation Y, enabling them to explore, socialise and share experiences online. And so, Amsterdam is home to the first ‘hotel of the future’. A new kind of traveller has emerged: 20- to 35-year-old digital natives. For them, 'discovery’ is the key: five-star hotels and stereotypical tourists spots don’t make them tick; they want to hear about the city’s hotspots from people in the know and enjoy a personalised travel experience instead. They are connected 24/7 and expect information on the go: a principle that is not optimally utilised by many traditional hotels. CityHub builds the entire travel experience around these new developments in the travel industry, through a city app, an online chat platform with a personal host, and unique Hubs in which to to sleep.

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Hotel of the future: sleep in a hub CityHub combines the privacy and comfort of a hotel with the sense of being in a community and the affordability of a hostel. Situated in a 600m2 industrial warehouse, the hotel houses 50 sleek private sleeping units called ‘Hubs’. Each Hub is equipped with a comfortable double bed, Wi-Fi, and mood lighting and music streaming systems that guests can personalise. The CityHub ‘hangout’ is a spacious lounge where travellers can get together and, with the use of a personal RFID wristband, can check themselves in and serve themselves at the bar.

Innovative app: all your travel needs at your fingertips

During their stay, guests will have exclusive access to the CityHub app: an interactive travel guide that provides tips for activities and events based on what is taking place in Amsterdam that particular week. Travellers can additionally request real-time suggestions from a CityHost as they wander through the city. The app also offers a chat room, allowing guests to connect with each other and share new hotspots that they have found. What’s more, the app can be used to control the mood lighting, alarm clock and music streaming within the Hub.

Internet usage without the data roaming costs. Anytime, anywhere, thanks to T-Mobile

To counteract unwanted data roaming costs and to promote the use of its app, CityHub has joined forces with T-Mobile to offer guests the opportunity to use their own MiFi Hotspot (mobile router) in the city. With this feature, CityHub is able to contribute even more to the ultimate travel experience for the next generation of travellers.

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Generator is a global lifestyle brand offering fresh and socially engaging accommodation platforms and hospitality venues.
Our vision is to become the world’s leading design-led hostel brand. We aim to achieve this by offering a host of soulful social spaces, cultural events and a creative programme that inspires guests and locals alike, all while providing affordable and safe accommodation in the centre of the city.

Renaissance Paris République - ELEGANT WILD VIBRANT

Avec l’Hôtel Renaissance République, le groupe Marriott inaugure au cœur de Paris un nouveau concept hôtelier 5 étoiles dont l’architecture intérieure a été confiée à Didier Gomez. Renaissance transcende les codes de l'hôtellerie de luxe classique en créant un espace unique et multiculturel en adéquation avec le quartier de la République et l’architecture du bâtiment des années 70. Ouvert sur la Ville Monde, l’établissement établit un dialogue pérenne entre l’art et l’hôtellerie en célébrant aussi bien le luxe à la française que les cultures étrangères ou urbaines. Renaissance République incarne le multiculturalisme parisien et s’adresse aussi bien aux touristes français et étrangers qu’aux habitants du quartier et aux parisiens.

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