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Implementation of environementale label Best Western

Best Western is the first worldwide hotel brand with more than 4,000 properties all over the world. In France, Best Western is also the first brand when it comes to officially eco-certified hotels with more than 55 properties over a total of 315. Our approach of sustainable development presented for these awards combines an environmental management system, providing a frame for any establishment’s actions, and the innovative environmental labeling system for a night stay, communicating transparently the hotels’ impacts and results.

Since 2007, the first step of our approach is based on the European Ecolabel certification, an environmental management scheme. By using one of the most demanding, the only recognized by the government, verified by a third party auditor, environmental certification, we can ensure our hoteliers and our customers a reliable commitment to the environment. Best Western provides hoteliers with a team of two people able to diagnose and accompany the director and the teams towards the certification, the audit, and the renewal audit every two years. This process allows every properties to enter a continuous improvement loop. The criteria for the hotels to meet the environmental and societal objectives are as follow:

  • Energy: 50% electricity consumed come from renewables, high-efficiency boiler, insulation, A-class light bulbs or LED,
  • Water: limited water-flow, protected water quality,
  • Wastes: no waste from disposable welcome products and individual packaging in the bathrooms and breakfast buffet,
  • Management: environmental policy, improvement plan, water/energy/waste/chemicals consumption measurement,
  • Training: 100% staff annual training, specific ecological process for each team, involvement of customers,
  • Working conditions: cleaning products/chemicals control, natural products, involvement of staff for the choice and use of products,
  • Local economy: use of local food, valuation of local environment and activities.

In 2013, we brought an innovation to the hospitality branch: we are the first and only brand to use environmental labeling as a network. This label has been created under the impulse of the French ministry for sustainable development, with the goal to provide, for every customer, on every products or services, a transparent understanding of the environmental impacts of their consumption behavior. To obtain the label, we make an inventory of every equipment, food, laundry, water flows, disposable products used by the hotel during a year, and calculate the impacts in terms of primary energy (kWh), water (L), wastes (grams), CO2 (kg), organic or certified products (% of total mass). Firstly it provides the hotelier with an unprecedented economic and environmental knowledge of its management; he can plan actions from this analysis and visualize the effects (e.g. in terms of energy saved and euros). For the customer, we divide the annual impacts aforementioned by the number of night stays, and offer him the average impacts of one night in our hotel. These data are transparently communicated and displayed on a scale where we compare the hotel and an average French consumer.

Our approach aims to address management and transparency for the hospitality industry sustainability.