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Pullman artnight eventainment strategy

Because in the 21st century, business and pleasure are interconnected, Pullman has rethought in depth its identity and its offer of services to become a unique brand, in an ultra-competitive market. To differentiate itself and become a reference in the upscale international hotel industry, Pullman offers a vibrant, cosmopolitan, and in-style experience in each of its 80 hotels and resorts.

In this mindset, Pullman offers a new concept: PULLMAN ARTNIGHT, following guidelines, which must be applied at each new hotel opening for an exclusive and unique experience at the heart of the Pullman universe.

The concept follows an in-style eventful positioning, accessible and that mixes business with pleasure, in total harmony with the brand’s communication strategy. The events developing the concept (past and future) answer high-end standards and give life to the real experiences that enrich the whole brand.

The desired objectives by this project are multiple. The goal is to display the brand’s new image, improve its awareness and attract people towards Pullman while asserting the Pullman style, by giving it a real personality, in-style, vibrant and timeless: the new business executive lifestyle. The point is also to put forward Pullman’s implication in the world of Contemporary Art, symbolized particularly by a collection of local and international artists’ creations, representing multiculturalism, at the heart of the Pullman DNA. In order for this to be possible; special events have been created by putting into place a global and sustainable scheme that nourishes the brand on an international level. Pullman hotels will then be highlighted during their opening or renovation. Finally, the challenge is also local: “think global, act local” to establish Pullman’s image in a personalized way throughout the different cities and make the hotel “The Place to Meet” by integrating it to the local lifestyle.

The target is diverse, justified by the significance of this implementation, which blends itself into the global renewal of the brand: clients and prospects to strengthen brand preference, intermediaries (travel agencies, distributors both on and offline) to multiply commercial agreements, investors to strengthen ACCOR’s implication in each country, press to assure important press coverage from an event and hit more widely the general public, VIPs to bring additional guarantees to the brand on the invested territory and internally, because they are the brand’s first ambassadors, the first contacts with clients… and that they represent the brand’s identity.

The first Pullman Artnight took place in Dubai on February 27th, 2013. Over 200 people attended the event. The lobby and the different reception locations in the hotel had been totally redecorated to the colors of Pullman Artnight: video projection and gluing of the surface, specific lighting atmosphere, ice sculptures…

During the night, guests were given the opportunity to discover artwork selected by Pullman in partnership with the Sawa Art Gallery of Dubai.

At the same time, the Travel Lounge invited participants to a journey between the Orient Express and the new Pullman treasure chests, and the night was given a musical touch by a famous female DJ from Dubai.