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Blue Mountains

As a provider of premium hospitality management education, the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School’s (BMIHMS) ultimate objective is to educate to the highest standard possible.

This presentation will discuss a video technology initiative, developed to ensure that BMIHMS successfully maintains its premium quality education and strengthens its teaching and learning delivery.The BMIHMS Video Technology Initiative was researched and developed during 2013, with work beginning through the various areas of the School in January 2014 ready for term 1 delivery.

The BMIHMS graduates and the hospitality industry as a whole will receive the greatest benefits from this teaching and learning exercise.Improvements in BMIHMS education increase the standards of our graduates employability and consequently enrich the industry that they work in.The useage of innovative video technology to improve students learning experiences will satisfy demand from the hospitality industry for more tech savvy graduates.

The BMIHMS Video Technology Project has created benefits for all of BMIHMS campuses. BMIHMS has campuses in Leura and Sydney, Australia, Suzhou in China as well as off-shore programs in Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico and Chile.This initiative provides industry with confident graduates working and interacting with new forms of video technology that impacts productivity in a global hospitality context. Improvements of technology are also being investigated such as android devices and new microphone technology. 

This project must be constantly evolving due to its nature, its application and to remain relavent with its stakeholders.