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European International College Abu Dhabi

Tourism Youth Summer Camp (TYSC) is a dedicated initiative launched in 2009 and aiming at developing future Emirati tourism leaders. The project rational is the Emiratization program initiated by the government of United Arab Emirates (UAE) to employ its citizens in a meaningful and efficient manner in the public and private sectors.

As a substitute to Oil & Gas, Tourism and Hospitality prospects are registering an astonishing surge, with increasing numbers of new pathways and sub careers as tourism sector is growing significantly in the GCC region and more importantly in UAE the hosting country of Expo 2020. Although “Hospitality” is one of the most important values of Emirati culture, there is a general perception amongst nationals that hospitality and tourism careers are vocational and cannot be considered as a professional choice.

TYSC is the fruitful outcome of a partnership between Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA) and European International College (EIC). The program is yearly designed, implemented and managed by EIC and promotedunder the umbrella of TCA for marketing purposes. The program is a  intensive educational program held annually in summer and customized to young Emirati, aged 14 to 17 years. The program is characterized by the high involvement of hospitality and tourism professionals and combines creativity, practice and exploration, fun and competitions.

The program, which also caters to special needs students, plays a critical role in giving nationals a better understanding of Abu Dhabi's overall tourism landscape. More importantly, the program builds awareness of business practices in hospitality and tourism within local community and encourages more nationals to consider careers in tourism - factors identified as key to Abu Dhabi maintaining its leadership position and safeguarding its future appeal in the competitive global market. In addition, the program equips nationals with 'life skills' that will influence their entire professional careers such as business etiquette, team building, and presentation skills. Students are required to complete different types of projects, as a for graduation. The three outstanding students win a scholarship to study, after their high school degree, at EIC in addition to other valuable awards.

Since the beginning of the initiative 500 young Emirati have graduated from the program and we are systematically building a cadre of young nationals who have greater understanding of the integral role tourism plays in the economic and social mix.

For the 2015 edition of the program we plan to launch TYSC ALUMNI in order enhance a continuous relationship with TYSC generation and implement in the future complementary programs adapted to their expectations. The second project which is in the pipeline is the development of a TYSC mobile application in order to lively interact about the central subject which is hospitality and tourism with previous, current and potential TYSC generations.

Our leitmotiv in this program is our believe that this young generation deserves devotion in order to play a role in their empowerment and to provide them with the necessary skills that would enable them to give back to their communities and to create a positive social impact. We aspire to encourage more Emirati youth to participate in the betterment of UAE community through hospitality and tourism industry to contribute at the development of a “better world!”