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Hotel School The Hague

Hotelschool The Hague aims to deliver the Managers of the future. Managers that can respond to the changing needs of the industry.

With technology changing rapidly, increasing competition and the changing needs of guests, the hospitality industry needs leaders who are responsible, professional and can provide their employees with a clear direction. Leaders with superior communication skills, who know how to take the company to the next level.

  With this in mind, Hotelschool The Hague has developed a unique, Outdoor Leadership Programme for students. Taking place offsite in the Belgian Ardennes, students lead each other in different outdoor management challenges for 5 days. The Outdoor Leadership Programme takes students out of their comfort zone and allows them to discover their leadership style while developing their leadership skills.

 After arriving in the rough terrain of the Ardennes, with rolling hills and dense forest, the students start with defining their personal goals. During the 5 days the students all lead one of the different challenges. The students will experience two days of hiking & bivouac, while the other days focus on multiple challenges, such as abseiling, rock climbing and rafting. These challenges force the students to overcome their fears and push their boundaries. Every challenge is led by two students, who are evaluated on their leadership skills afterwards. The trainers make sure the students focus on their personal learning goals and how to fulfil these during the challenges.

By being taken out of their familiar environment, the students will face unknown situations in which they can experiment with different leadership approaches. The trainers instruct them how they can use their management skills to motivate people, to give the right instructions, to keep the team focused, to provide effective solutions and to lead with transparency and honesty. 

After the Outdoor Leadership Programme their obtained knowledge and skills are immediately put into practice. The students return to school where they start with managing first phase students in the different outlets (front office, restaurants and hotels) of Hotelschool The Hague.

Key elements and Main Innovative aspects :

  1. The journey is very individual. Every student works on their own goals and is being motivated and encouraged to develop themselves to their full potential.
  2. The students are being taking out of their comfort zone. They need to lead in challenges they have very little experience in. With the management skills they develop, they will be able to lead in any given situation.
  3. The guidance is very personal. A dedicated team of professionals guide and coach the students. They will trigger them to try new behaviours and to find new ways to be more hospitable.

The combination of these factors make sure students will become the best leaders they can be in any kind of organisation they will lead in the future.