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The Clever Process by Glion

The CLEVER Process at Glion is a collaborative initiative that enables the easy and resourceful development of a virtual archive of short educational media products for learning purposes. This is captured by its title – Collaborative, Learning, Educational, Virtual, Easy, and Resourceful.

The initiative was launched in early 2014 by the Head of Blended of Learning as a way to develop a bank of shareable, reusable and sometimes disposable media resources, often low cost, for Glion’s current and future student population, i.e. late ‘Millennials’ and early ‘Generation Z’.  These young populations are considered to be highly tech-savvy, connected and heavy users of social media.  Since their attention spans are said to be shorter, The CLEVER Process intends to develop a rich and diverse range of engaging media resources for blended learning purposes, sometimes in a just-in-time way.  Examples include: interviewing and filming visiting industry leaders on their insights; working collaboratively with industry partners on professionally-acceptable media resources; capturing role play scenarios that mimic real-life industry situations; developing short single-topic research lessons by faculty members etc.  Before filming, most of the media resources are planned according to a ‘learning-outcome dashboard’ which guides the interviewees, actors and subsequent production process, to assure and enhance the pedagogical value of each resource.  Once produced, the media resources are then announced and stored on Glion’s virtual blended learning platform for use by any faculty and student member for their courses. 

The collaborative nature of The CLEVER Process has generated a new momentum amongst the faculty members to become involved in developing shareable and innovative pedagogical resources, as well as generating new ways of engaging and teaching students.  Likewise, the involvement of visiting industry speakers and the joint-development of company-specific resources have ensured that the topics are relevant and topical to the hospitality industry.  Qualitative feedback from industry, faculty and students suggests that the timing and direction of this initiative is aligned with an increasingly media-rich environment. The ‘always-ready’ stance of the filming team ensures that just-in-time resources can be developed quickly, easily and at relative low cost.  The initiative could easily be adopted by other hospitality education institutions that have an open and supportive management philosophy to invest moderate costs to ensure state-of-the-art resources are available for teaching and learning purposes.  

Although recently launched, The CLEVER Process has attracted the enthusiastic attention and support of Glion’s parent organization, Laureate Inc, and is intended to become a two-way shareable resource with Laureate’s own media production unit.