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Vatel Mauritius

For this year’s Hospitality Awards 2014, Vatel Mauritius eagerly presents its innovative practices of consulting missions in the category of educational innovation in a school of hotel management.

These MDC (MISSION DE CONSULTING ) are challenges on very short periods of one week, during which a group of Masters students are placed in resorts/hotels or hospitality businesses to work concretely on projects, e.g. auditing, creation of marketing campaign etc... This activity usually takes place in one specific department and is worked on a full time mode. After the realisation and presentation of the findings/results of the activity, two entities, the school and the professionals of the establishment mark the consulting team where the project has been conducted. This mark counts for the students towards their final results. The aim is to quantify in terms of marks/grades, the ability of the students to deliver professionally their competences after their 4-5 years of tertiary education.

The students use their theoretical experiences gained in lectures during the years of study as well as their attributes gained by their various internship/traineeship experiences in different hotels. By mixing both the academic and practical experiences, they develop and adapt their know-how to the project/challenge, which they face in the establishments.

The purpose of these MDC is for students to acquire more analytical skills, to develop an important sense of duty and be able to make recommendations at the end of the one week’s audit commitment.