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Alejandra OTERO

Alejandra Otero, born on December 18, 1987 is now Front Office Manager at ALMA COURTYARD HOI AN HOTEL in Vietnam Ly Thuong Kiet 326, Tan An Ward, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam - Serenity Holding Group in Hoi An City in Vietnam.

After 3 years of studying business in Mexico City, Alejandra Otero decided to study in France, at the Vatel School in Nimes. She became a “vatelian” with obtaining a Master's Degree in 2011.

Alma Hoi An is a new and unique resort located in the heart of Hoi An.Alma Courtyard Hotel includes elements of the local environment and integrates these elements in its architecture, design and the overall customer experience. The Courtyard Alma Hotel refers to an authentic experience and an inner journey.

Alejandra Otero's position and tasks:

She worked on the opening project in a working group for the sales department and here are some of the highlights of her duties during the project:

- Recruitment and training of all front office employees (customer relationship, switchboard, sales and reservations team).

- Development of all standards and operating procedures for the above areas, including financial controls and guest performance management of inventory.

- Listing of all equipment and operating supplies

- Creation of online sales - Development of a keys control system for all hotel services

- Creation of the hotel signage

They reached their goal as they open on last September 2nd  with very little preparation time and the results were highly satisfactory in terms of training, staff turnover, services settings, cleaning and final positioning of the hotel.