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Mendes CAVIN

On 20 September 1985, when I was born in Switzerland as the first child to young parents at age 21 and 27, I had little idea, that one day I will end up in the hospitality trade, travel the world for business, work closely with a billionaire, and eventually build my own company at the age of 28. Well, I guess this might simply be because it would have been considered a scientific breakthrough, if I could remember anything of my first day in life.

After the successful completion of my apprenticeship in business administration at Switzerland’s 3rd largest gastro group, I moved to St. Moritz, to work as a receptionist, yet soon realized I wasn’t working at my fullest potential. I knew I had to find a faster way than the old-fashioned ‘work the ladder’ to get where I wanted to be by when I wanted to be there. This is how I ended up at Glion.

After graduating from Glion with a Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management & Marketing as an Honor student, I moved to Dubai and worked at The Address Downtown Dubai. However, after less than a year, I realized this big dream of mine, working in Dubai for one of the most reputed hotels, isn’t working for me. Hence I moved to Thailand trying to find my luck there. And I did.

In 2011 I was appointed Hotel Manager for the first of many to come GLOW Hotels, for which we generated an average GOP of 45% and added another 72 luxury rooms due to the high success. In 2012 I was sent to Pattaya as General Manager with the mission to renovate and rebrand the first GLOW Beach Hotel, which was completed in 2013. Later that year I was appointed Director/Operations for Zinc Journey, a chain of small luxury boutique hotels, with the mission to build and expand the brand in China, Nepal and Sri Lanka. During those months I was travelling every 1 to 2 weeks from one destination to another to prepare hotels for the opening, meet with project managers and architects, and to assure operations were at desired standards. It was during these months when I was working closely with the group’s chairman, Nepal’s first Billionaire, and learned what it meant to be an entrepreneur. I was fascinated.

In 2014 I formed Miners Hospitality with the objective to offer one-stop hotel development solutions to owners at an unbeatable fee structure. This would allow also owners of smaller hotels see their visions come true. It was a success. Today we are building a hotel in Thailand, provide PR&Marketing for two hotels in China and are about to expand to the Philippines. Recently we have agreed on signing a joint-venture with a large Canadian Technology firm for a new technology venture, and started talks with Glion to build Miners Unite, a charitable organization providing life changing opportunities in the trade of hospitality to unprivileged children without the means for proper education.

Over the last few years I learned that it takes a strong desire, hard work and a great amount of patience to achieve great things. After all, what we plow today we can’t already harvest tomorrow. I foresee a bright future for Miners Hospitality and hope to follow in the footsteps of my personal idol Richard Branson, to eventually build Miners Group, and become an employer people love to work for through the support we provide from the top down.