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B&B Hotels

The fact that B&B HOTELS is today the leading independent chain of budget hotels in France is primarily due to its ability to invent solutions for consumers that are adapted to changes in their expectations.

  • In 1999: the chain was the first to propose online booking in real time. 
  • In 2005: B&B Hotels was the first to offer its customer free and unlimited WiFi access (at reception and in the breakfast room). 
  • In 2009: free and unlimited WiFi was installed in all the rooms in the chain. A major innovation that B&B Hotels imposed on the economic segment.
  • In 2014: B&B Hotels is the first to offer its customers extra highspeed WiFi in all its establishments... still for free ! 

Why ? 

To correspond to the needs and use of our clients: connected, rushed and very mobile travelers! B&B Hotels has been working for the last 10 years to improve the product... Time to talk about guest services!

This extra highspeed WiFi service with optical fibre is our founding act!


To propose extra highspeed WiFi in all its establishments... To offer a new digital TV package. To have an IP phone access. To develop a VPN access dedicated to the back office 

How ? 

To fit all 227 establishments in France with extra high speed WiFi during 2014. Action done with Numericable

Advantages for our guests:


  • Offer the best experience at the best price for the connected travelers and provide them with advanced technology.
  • Propose to all our guests a high quality service and answer to their needs and expectations: to feel like at home!
  • Offer a user-friendliness with an extra highspeed WiFi network and a new digital TV package!

3 words to remember: speed, guarantee and free offer!

An advertising campaign focusing on this competitive edge = Television + digital Branding + communication in hotels + poster advertising

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