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Novotel - Virtual Concierge

Since June 2013, guests were surprised to find in several Novotel hotels a touchscreen placed in the lobby, taking on the role of the concierge.


The Monscierge software allows customers to intuitively discover information related to the brand, to the hotel and to the local area.

It also issues guidance on the points of interest located close to the hotels as well as practical information such as weather and flight schedules.

More playful applications also allow you to send e-cards.

Building on its success with employees and customers (successful on the social medias / comparators and also measured through GSS returns), virtual concierge is the subject of an international expansion and the creation of an digital application to enhance the relationship with the guests.


  • Deployment in over 250 hotels
  • 2 millions of e-cards exchanged
  • Cost of development: 200 000 euros ex VAT 
  • Cost for an hotel: 4 000 euros ex VAT