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MELIA HOTELS - The Italian Recipe: "People First" Meliá Academy

Melià Academy is the tailor-made project, created to develop the Italian Management Team based on the Talent Management value of MHI, organized with classroom lessons, additional classes on a dedicated Web platform, individual mentoring for participants with coaching sessions.

The Meliá Academy in Hotel Management is a tailor-made path in general management that analyzes different functions and business processes in order to define strategies with a view to the development of future business and management of the existing one.
The Program is dedicated to the Directors, Deputy Directors and other key people in Meliá Italia, aimed at improving their managerial competences, as well the effective interpretation of their roles, consistently with the Talent Management value of MHI.
The participants were been selected for their strategic roles in the organization.
Before the starting of the Academy each participant has been interweaved to deepen the engagement toward the learning process and received an assessment with the international behavioral model “Discovery Insights”.
A training mix of learning methodologies has been designed for a 12-month program, based on in-distance learning, monitored by an on-line tutor and further integrated by training courses, group works, case studies, simulations and testimonials.
In order to achieve maximum impact with the program, some project work have been designed and shared with the participants in the classroom; the program was supported by some coaching sessions with the consultants.

The programme’s tree pillars:

- In-distance training sessions: multimedia courses drawn from Sole 24 Ore Business School’s over 105 online courses, in different subject areas, as well as from the Newton’s catalogue or customized ones, aimed at the self-learning study of the operational mechanisms of the main business areas.
- Classroom training: Classroom lessons for further researching the issues of multimedia courses, with the aim of putting into practice the contents acquired through direct confrontation with experts and managers in other sectors. All topics of the Meliá Academy have been addressed with an operational and interactive teaching methodology based on group work for the resolution of project works, supporting the analysis of individual topics testimonies, "case histories" and exercises.
- Coaching sessions: each participant had access to four 2-hour meetings with a Newton coach to discuss the issues addressed in the classroom and give them continuity in everyday life. At the end of the course, each participant has built a video stating their goals.

The courses’ contents:

The courses were designed in a consistent way in terms of content and sequence of topics, in particular the five modules are:

1° Module – Marketing, Sales & Communication: Evergreen, New & Next Media
2° Module – Digitalization & Yield management
3° Module – Administration, Finance and Control, Balanced Scorecard
4° Module – Strategies and organization for a «customer-centric» company
5° Module – People management and strategic leadership for value generation

To celebrate the final stage of the path and at the same time, to talk about the dynamics of the team management an edutainment training day was organized based on the “Manager in the kitchen” format. Divided into four teams, participants were asked to prepare and serve an excellent dinner with a jury who, instead of the "Michelin stars", awarded the "Melià stars ".
The jury was composed by Newton’s and Sole 24 Ore’s trainers, Don Alfonso Iaccarino (Michelin two-starred Chef) and the President of AIPD.
The following day, in the beautiful scenery of our hotel “ME Milan Il Duca" we dedicated some time to a reflection on the dynamics emerging from the Meliá Academy and at the end the Master's degree in Hotel Management was delivered in the presence of representatives of Newton and the Il Sole 24 Ore Business School.
On the same occasion, Meliá Italy assigned a scholarship to the AIPD Management to be organized in one of the Italian hotels.
The partnership with AIPD (Italian Association of Down Syndrome People) consist of a strong and historical relationship which already developed important training programs such as the “Hotel 6 Stelle”, where Meliá took the opportunity to organize a training to develop the independency and technical skills of 6 Down People, during 2014.

Steps of the project:

- September 2015: completion of the Discovery Insights questionnaire on behavioral styles and feedback from the consultant
- October 2015: Marketing, Sales & Communication: Evergreen, New & Next Media
- November 2015: Digitalization & Yield management
- February 2016: Administration, Finance and Control, Balanced Scorecard
- March 2016: Strategies and organization for a «customer-centric» company
- May 2016: People management and strategic leadership for value generation
- June: 2016: “Manager in the kitchen” final event