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Michigan State University

In 1927, the seed was sown for The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University—a School that has launched the careers of thousands of leaders in hospitality and service professions and transformed the landscape of hospitality education. Hailed as the original hospitality business school and ranked among the top hospitality programs in the nation, The School celebrates nine decades of attracting the best and the brightest. A Midwest icon, The School and its faculty and students share a remarkable work ethic and land-grant values that take the best thinking in the world, make it practical, and apply the rewards of outstanding higher education in the public realm that is the business of hospitality.

The School’s longstanding philosophy of relationship building and connectivity means our students, alumni and faculty are all part of an ongoing, influential network that has mentored, empowered, assisted, and influenced generations who have chosen the path of hospitality.

  • Our students actively engage in dynamic coursework, run student clubs, spearhead special events, and learn hands-on through internships that take them all over the world.
  • The School’s alumni greats return to campus each year to share their stories and insights with students.
  • Our nationally recognized faculty puts students first, sharing knowledge, research, and a passion for the business every day.

The School’s leadership position is highlighted by the success of our alumni, who stand out among the industry leaders shaping the business of hospitality for eight decades, and who have—by building their own reputations—built The School’s reputation as the leader.