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GLION - Enhancing Millennial Student Learning

Our aim at Glion is to use technology in a way that enhances our student centred approach and improves our ‘millennial students’ learning experiences while adopting practices and processes that will engage and inspire.

Glion has been operating as an educator for more than 50 years and our focus on the student has never wavered. The biggest change has happened over the last 10-15 years; millennial students learn differently, communicate differently, and need to be interacted with differently.

In an aim to keep up with our ever evolving student population, Glion has put an emphasis on utilizing technology in the most effective manner possible. While we have piloted many different technologies for inside and outside of the classroom, our main focus is making sure that the systems that we surround our students with are used as effectively as possible. We are always striving to improve the student experience but this can be done not only through innovation but also through the refinement of systems and tools in place.

Moodle has been used as a virtual learning platform for many years, but updating more and more user friendly versions and refining our internal guidelines of usage have allowed us to greatly improve the experience of Moodle as a learning platform for our students. Whereas once it was used as a repository for lecture slides, e-books, and online journals, we are now trying to use it as a tool to engage the student with the subject material and enhance their learning. We want out students to not only know where to find their subject material, but also to understand why they are learning. Glion wants the students to have access to learning materials 24/7.

In terms of grading and feedback, Glion is focused on delivering all feedback and grading electronically. The newest version of TurnItIn (Feedback Studio) allows the lecturer to engage the student with feedback in an easy to understand, central location. Students can reflect on what the criteria of the assessment were, what they did well, and what they could improve on moving forward. We are aiming to have all lecturers using this grading and feedback tool for all written assessments by January, 2017. We currently have a number of lecturers using it and they have seen the benefits as to how they can give developmental feedback to their students.

As mentioned above, we are always looking for new technological tools to enhance student learning. All students now have approximately 3 devices on hand at any one moment. Our current student population enters the classroom with a laptop, a tablet, and at least one smartphone. We want to understand how we can complement our current technology with new communication tools. We have piloted Google Glass and are currently piloting a number of smartphone apps related to communication inside and outside of the classroom.

Our innovation is not only about new; it is also about developments in the current to help us reach our students in a way that will enhance the millennial learners’ experience inside and outside the classroom. Millennial students are multitaskers and we have to enable them to multitask in the classroom by providing the necessary information through the necessary channels to allow them to learn and work the way that best suits them.