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Scandic To Go

Over the last few years, Scandic has been putting a lot of effort in developing their hotel offer. Amongst other things, they have, together with their real estate owner Pandox, carried out the largest hotel renovation in Swedish history and invested 1,6 billion SEK in modernization projects for their roadside hotels. In spite of the large-scale efforts, the common perception of Scandic has not been developing at the desired pace. Brand recognition is high (about 84%) but unfortunately many see Scandic as a somewhat boring hotel chain – a practical and comfortable one, but not a very inspiring one. The mission was to develop an idea that would increase awareness about the “new” Scandic, and contribute to attracting new target groups.

Our strategy was to develop a channel independent, communicative platform, showing the New Scandic in a clear manner – a modern, progressive hotel chain with newly renovated and designed hotels.

Scandic is an extremely well-known brand with very traditional associations. In order to really make people reconsider their image of Scandic, we had to do something very far from what one would expect from them. If we let the word “moderate” represent a common perception of Scandic, we had to come up with an idea that would be everything but moderate.

From this premiss, Prime and Scandic developed a brand new hotel offer – Scandic To Go. As the world’s first mobile hotel, Scandic To Go could be booked to any desired spot selected by the guest. The mobile hotel room was 18 square meters large, with an accompanying terrace, and was equipped with modern hotel standards such as free wifi, air conditioning and a fully equipped bathroom. On top of that, the room was decorated in accordance with Scandic’s new interior design concept. The booking process was the same as with any other Scandic hotel; guests were able to select Scandic To Go from the booking menu on the website. The only difference was that guests were able to decide where to place the mobile hotel room, only imagination would set the limits.

The new hotel offer was launched through an integrated campaign containing PR, social media activation, advertising and newsletters.

Scandic To Go was a hit. Since the launch, the mobile hotel room has been fully booked. The launch resulted in large-scale media exposure – over 100 pieces from 10 different countries. Only counting Sweden, we had a reach of 11 million and a media value of 10,4 million SEK. Scandic has never before experienced such wide-spread engagement in social media. The first post on Facebook about Scandic To Go reached nearly 400 000 people and was shared and commented on nearly 6000 times. The new offer also managed to generate curiosity and attract new clients to other Scandic hotels. During the campaign, the number of online bookings went up 20 percent compared to the same period last year. An increase that can only be explained by acquired market shares, not growth within the hotel sector as a whole.