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Room Mate Hotels, the Spanish hotel chain founded and chaired by Kike Sarasola was born in 2005 as a new hotel concept focused on the customer, always in the best possible locations, with design, maximum comfort and a good money value. A concept based on affordable luxury.

Currently, the hotel chain has 21 hotels operating in 7 countries and 10 new stores opening in the next 15 months in destinations like Milan, Istanbul, Barcelona, Malaga and Rotterdam.

Since its birth, Room Mate Hotels decisions are always taken in favor of the customer. Knowing that Wifi (availability and speed) was the most valued service for its customers, in 2005 became the first hotel chain to offer free access in all their hotels.

Time passes and customer needs change. Room Mate, always in constant innovation, goes a step further in 2014 creating WiMate, a free WiFi service throughout the city. It is a small wireless device (smaller than a mobile phone) that you can carry in your pocket. You can connect up to 6 devices (computers, mobile phones and tablets) and enjoy a free secure wireless Wifi with high speed anywhere in the city. This service is now available for free to all the customers who make direct booking at Room Mate Hotels around the world: New York , Miami, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Florence, Istanbul, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Malaga, Oviedo and Salamanca and it will be available in all new openings.

Thanks to WiMate, Room Mate Hotels has experienced a spectacular growth of its direct sales, from 30% in 2014 to 35 % globally so far in 2015. The increase have also reached the opinions of customers in online media. According to Review Pro (one of the most important tools in the sector to analyze online Reputation), the online reputation of Room Mate has grown to reach 87.80, 2.7 points more than in 2014.



On the other hand , the media have welcomed incredibly well this measure, which has generated more than 200 articles (online and in print media) being published by important worldwide media like USA Today, Condé Nast Traveler, Expansion... with an advertising value of more than 120,000 euros. The initiative has also won three major awards. The first one by Actualidad Económica, one of the most important economic magazines in Spain that included WiMate among the 100 best ideas in 2014. Also, the Digital Awards, the most important award in the online world in Spain that named WiMate as the best projects of the year. In addition Kike Sarasola, president and founder of Room Mate Hotels, has received the Medal for Merit in Tourism Innovation, granted by the Government of Spain, it’s the maximum business award in Spain

With innovative services such as breakfast until noon ( so their clients won’t have to wake up early, its commitment to young designers to create a different atmosphere in each of its hotels, and its location in the best areas of the city , Room Mate Hotels has become one of the chains with the greatest international projection.

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