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Domaine des Etangs, "In-Domaine"


In the heart of the Charente Limousine region, a stone’s throw away from Angoulême, on the edge of Massignac village, discover Domaine des Etangs. With its 1000 hectares of woods, its sunken paths and clear lakes protected by its chateau and its 7 cottages spread across the infinite surrounding meadows, Domaine des Etangs is as intimate for a couple, as it is simple and serene for a family, limitless and open for a seminar. Domaine des Etangs opened its doors to the public in June 2015.

At Domaine des Etangs, executive chef, Fabien Beaufour, offers guests a rich and varied cuisine across the diverse on-site areas. It is the « in-Domaine » cuisine, served across a 1000 hectare estate which allows you to go on a journey without ever leaving, simply by letting everything come to you!

A journey which will take you to Dyades, the gastronomic restaurant of the Domaine, offering a two-fold interpretation, by providing guests with an extensive range of contemporary cuisine, mixed with more traditional dishes, inspired by regional traditions. Then on to the « in-home » cuisine of the farm cottages; or to the grand dining room of the chateau, Monade, which can be rented privately for an exceptional dining experience. Enjoy a seasonal lunch in the spiral-shaped kitchen garden, or a picnic on a little boat on one of the lakes or in the woods around the Domaine…different combinations for each area, a different type of wine for every atmosphere.

It’s easy to find this kind of variety just by looking at the menus at Domaine des Etangs: a host of different flavors and products displayed at the tip of the guests’ fingers as they browse through the selection. Through his impeccable talent, Fabien Beaufour has composed a concept which strikes the perfect balance between the region and everything that surrounds it.

Fabien Beaufour works directly with local producers in order to shorten the supply chain as much as possible. If all of the products do not come from the Domaine itself, the fact nevertheless remains that thanks to the herd of Limousin cows, food products coming from the Domaine’s own hunting, its very own kitchen garden which holds more than 140 species of vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants and the biodiversity of our river and ponds, Domaine des Etangs is one of the only places of its kind that is in such close proximity to the source of its cuisine. 

What would be a kitchen without an innovative wine cellar? Designed by Linda Grabe, the wine cellar allows the wine menu variety and freedom. Natural wines, biological wines, biodynamic wines and more traditional confection wines are all present, and with this comes a demand for the variety of excellent flavours, the skill of the wine growers and their ability to coordinate effortlessly with the cuisine of Fabien Beaufour.

The wine menu timelessly transcends the five seasons. During the onset of summer, rosé wines dominate. The Indian summer, the period of revival, is the ideal opportunity to expand on the range of biodynamic and cosmopolitan wines. In the winter, these wines are replaced by Hermitage, Pauillac, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and other large wines with intense and opulent flavours, often containing fruits that were grown during sunny years.

The importance of this stretch of time is emphasized with three vertical lines, allowing the value-adding activities of the wine-making stages to be discovered and facilitate an understanding of how to subtly emphasize the origins of the wine and its links to the land.

 Ce trophée a été décerné par : Champagne Billecart-Salmon

Les deux finalistes

AccorHotels - Winestone

Winestone was created 3 years ago in the „F&B Atelier” of AccorHotels Poland, a place where employees can contribute with new ideas and initiatives in the restaurant business which generates approx. 30% of the company’s revenues.  For generation Y and Z, the fact that they can now have a real impact on how restaurants in AccorHotels are run is crucial.  Employees born after ’80 and after ’90 tolerate with much difficulty the authoritative management style.  They prefer openness and want to be part of the decision process. Diversity is one of the AccorHotels signatures and it brings tangible business effects - we don’t lose talents and talents are generating innovation!

Plaza Athénée Ducasse - "Naturalité"

Alain Ducasse has developped his cuisine at the Plaza Athénée around a trilogy of fish, vegetables and cereal, which constitutes the bulk of the menu. This trilogy has a specific meaning: to eat more healthily while respecting the planet.

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