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Be a job expert by Sofitel

“Be a Job Expert – Housekeeping” program is fundamentally a Sofitel training program for Operational people, by Operational people. It is a foundation program which was crafted to deal with the need for training of Housekeepers in Sofitel. A request sent to Academie Accor France in summer 2011, marked the beginning of the development of this celebrated program.

The program’s content is exhaustive in nature, almost every aspect of housekeeping can be found within the 7 training modules. What differentiates this training program would be the emphasis on pride and status in the role of Housekeepers and Room Attendants. Furthermore, it differentiates itself by incorporating French Elegance, which supports Sofitel Vision and Brand Equity.

Building pride is our game changer. Our Ambassadors are trained to see the big picture, and how their role as a housekeeper is imperative to the delivery of Sofitel luxury experience for the guest. Hence, they understand that their responsibilities contribute to the core of our business.

In order to achieve that, the Academie Accor team developed a methodology for the successful transfer of content and behaviors to certified trainers globally. This was done by integrating various learning methods ranging from Videos, Interactive Exercises, Short and Clear messages with Visual Aids, Training within Industry (TWI) examples, to big-picture evaluative exercises. This varied spectrum of activities, demonstrates how housekeeping plays a pivotal role in the overall luxury experience, and this allows our Ambassadors to feel connected and proud of their contributions.

Academie Accor France developed a learning method, that was flexible and it allowed the Trainer or Manager to coach and train the Ambassador outside of the classroom.

The effects of the learning method are 3 fold:

  1. Short Term: Housekeeping Executive or Manager gets trained by Academie Accor, then they train his or her Ambassadors through structured training modules.
  2. Mid Term: Implementation of what was taught is reemphasized through the coaching stance taken by Executives and Managers, allowing Ambassadors to learn flexibly as the learning experience is not confined to the classroom only; on the job as well !
  3. Long Term: Over time, the training and coaching approach will render the best qualitative and quantitative results as the continuous emphasis on taking pride in one’s work would be fully understood.

The most important characteristic of this program is its attention to “Ambassador Wellbeing” as a large population in the hotel does physical work. Sofitel would not exist without its Ambassadors, and therefore, the bedrock of this training program is rooted deeply in ergonomic working patterns and health and safety precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Ambassadors.  The theme of safety and Ambassador Wellbeing is reiterated across every module, revealing how important of a subject it is.

The training of Housekeeping Ambassadors has also addressed the relatively low scores that were previously perceived by our guests through the GSS scores. Since the introduction of this training the GSS scores have improved.

Another positive point that came out of this training, is that Room Attendants were saving 5 minutes per room on cleaning, resulting in  higher productivity.

In light of all this, this comprehensive training program is truly one for the people by the people, and it not only targets behaviors but the attitudes of our Ambassadors.