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Be GM Be The Leader

The most innovative communication and management style standards for General Managers of midscale hotels operating in times of rapid changes, digitalization and dealing with the generation Y – the fastest growing workforce segment.

Conceived fully in-house by Accor teams in Poland, the “Be GM – Be The Leader” project proposes new communication standards and structured agenda for midscale hotel General Managers by defining daily, weekly and monthly actions addressed to specific groups of communication importance in the hotel. These new standards are based on active GM presence within the communication centers of interest like - first line employees, HOD’s, key managers as well as guests. It promotes a Walking Around management style, strong interaction between the GM and the hotel team and active information share in top-down and bottom up directions.  Use of social media and e-communities are compulsory. These new communication & management style standards, inspired by the Accor midscale Mercure & Novotel brands’ DNA, are presented in an exceptionally easy tool, ready to implement - step by step, in any hotel.  From how to manage a face to face meeting with HODs, through golden rules of management by walking around, up to instructions on how to lead a steering committee – the “Be GM – Be The Leader” tools help General Managers to navigate their hotels through times of rapid changes.

Results: Improved and effective communication with hotel teams, instant top-down and bottom up feedback, better generation diversity approach.  In overall, the “Be GM – Be The Leader” initiative adds new quality to the people and talent management in a hotel – agility and responsiveness, that enable to generate outstanding quality and operational performance by better motivation.