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Etiquette & Moral Week by Lux Resorts

In our quest of having an engagement between “Tamassa” & its “People,” a bond which is bigger than money and all working relations, we were determined to do something which is extraordinary and which not just wins the heart of our Team Members but also creates a better tomorrow for all of us.

As we do for our guests, if the kids are happy the parents are happy too. We decided to go on the same way & the “Etiquette & Morale Week” did not take long to emerge.

“Etiquette & Morale Week” is an exclusive 3 days program which takes the kids aged between 10 – 11 years on a journey of different experiences, which is not just fun and learning but would also groom our kids to become better citizens of tomorrow and take the country to new heights. Over the years it is getting more and more difficult to attract talent who delivers service from the heart in the hospitality industry. Through this program, the kids get to know the heart of the hospitality industry and chose their career path for the future.

This experience included Team building exercises, Golf, Music & Ball Room Dance classes, Zumba, non-alcoholic wine dinner, Camping, Screen on the Beach, Tennis Classes, Cake Boss, Mocktail classes, Glass bottom boat, Pool activities, Yoga, Laughter therapy, Meditation, Breathing exercise, Respecting their parents and elderly people, Recycling of Plastic products to keep our Paradise Island clean and beautiful. 

During their stay the kids have had the opportunity to meet their parents on their respective place of work. The third day afternoon session was dedicated to short poem writings to their parents to say a “heartiest Thank You” for giving them this opportunity.

Dressed in black gowns, the kids individually came on stage to address their sweet thank you words to their parents, followed by the graduation ceremony and a sumptuous dinner for both parents & kids.

The “Etiquette & Morale Week” will not only assist the children in becoming a better person, but will also give them an opportunity as to decide, which career path they wish to pursue. The whole event was an accomplishment of three days of once in a lifetime experience. Kids are capable of greatness and we believe in them.

The whole program has motivated the entire team. Whilst the service takes place from the heart, the results are incredible.

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