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Human Resources Project by Novotel

The motivation to foster and to develop apprentices is built on 2 cornerstones. Firstly, I am delighted to get young people interested in the hotel industry and to be able to offer them a perspective for the future and a chance to develop, while at the same time, ensuring that we train the future management of Accor.

Secondly, it is extremely important due to the demographic change to have a USP that not only makes young people want to choose an apprenticeship in the hotel business, but make them want to choose to do it in Novotel Hamburg Alster. We probably do things quite similar to others, yet somehow still a little bit different. We concentrate on what would seem to be the most obvious thing in the world and that is people, though this no longer seems to be "obvious" in the times we live in today. In order to show that we don't just offer a very good apprenticeship and discuss with and actively support the career planning of each apprentice, we afford our apprentices the opportunity to put their professional skills and knowledge to the test in many different competitions. These competitions include the Hamburg Youth championships, German Youth Championships, Delta Cup, Top Talent Hamburg Cooks, Goldene Flambierpfanne and also the Accor Apprentice Award. Over the years, our apprentices have achieved above-average success at such competitions and have brought back many awards to the hotel. This success is the result of the continuous work being invested in our apprenticeship system by the entire team and not just by any one single person. The work also involves conveying to the apprentices that the work is also fun, allowing mistakes to be made, being honest, being communicative, lending a sympathetic ear to the apprentices when they need it, allowing for a certain level of flexibility, setting goals together, entrusting and conferring responsibilities, taking the apprentices seriously and treating them with respect. This also means not only taking, but also giving. When this philosophy is lived within the entire team, the apprentices can achieve top performances. In the past years, well over 80% of all apprentices decided to stay with the company after they had completed their apprenticeships. Many of them are well on their way in their careers to becoming department heads with the ultimate goal of running their own hotel one day.  Our apprenticeship system is, however, not only about achieving high potential, but it is equally about giving particularly those young people a chance to enter the job market who haven't been given one up to now and to show them new paths. They are supported by educational facilities and social workers throughout the apprenticeship and are integrated into the hotel. And when an apprentice decides that they do not wish to pursue a career as departmental head after finishing their apprenticeship, then they will remain a valued employee and nothing would delight us more.

The current generation of apprentices has so many chances and opportunities to build the life and career that they want. It is for this reason that I see myself as a coach and consultant who can accompany and foster this development.

With our concept for fostering apprentices, I see the chance to give young people a perspective for a career and we position ourselves decidedly better than other hotels and industries with respect to those young people in order to convince them to choose us and the hotel industry.