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Our Promise – It’s all about you! by CARLSON REZIDOR

Our Promise is Rezidor’s exciting new Employee Value Proposition (EVP), showcasing our powerful identity as a company to work for. Created by our people, for our people, it embodies our unique spirit and passion - and our special Yes I Can! culture. Rezidor is – and always will be – a people company: we work as one strongly united team to celebrate talent, diversity and individuality.

Now Our Promise gives us one common language as a key communication and engagement tool. It is Rezidor’s commitment to everyone who works with us, designed to further enhance the special human touch that defines our true Rezidorian spirit, our attitude and our work ethic. It helps us all understand who we are and what we do as a company. It’s the super glue that binds us all together.

As a successful and dynamic company with ambitious goals across almost 70 borders,  Our Promise make it easy for our employees to understand what we stand for…Now our new EVP has created one simple voice that both celebrates - and explains - what makes our team so great, creating strong engagement with all of Rezidor’s values and ambitions.

The seeds of Our Promise were sown back in September 2013, when team members from all levels and areas completed an anonymous survey asking what makes Rezidor special to work for. A group of 22 passionate Rezidorians were then chosen as Our Promise ambassadors representing all areas, levels, genders, generations, cultures and creeds within our company. They analysed the survey results to develop a highly innovative new EVP. Its six powerful pillars quickly became apparent as the commonalities that live within the hearts of Rezidorians. And essentially: ‘It’s All About You’!

At Rezidor…

  1. We are powered by passion
  2. We genuinely care
  3. We stand out together
  4. We act responsibly
  5. We grow talent, talent grows us
  6. We innovate to shape our future

Four Our Promise ambassadors, then presented our new EVP to Rezidor President and CEO, Wolfgang M. Neumann, and members of the management team. It proved a momentous event, described by Wolfgang as: ‘The best day yet in my career at Rezidor’.

Rezidor is known for developing and maintaining meaningful, long lasting relationships. And Our Promise can be used to help solve all people management issues. For example, creative ‘We genuinely care’ workshops can powerfully reinforce team spirit.

Team members will engage in Our Promise activities. And, going forward, the effects of our new EVP will be measured in the company’s annual employee engagement survey.

Our Promise reflects Rezidor’s passion for diversity and inclusion – illustrated by our dynamic Women in Leadership campaign, designed to increase the representation of women in senior positions across the entire company to at least 30% by 2016.

Our Promise has fueled an amazing reaction from employees, ensuring that we attract, retain and develop the world’s best talent who will help us achieve our ambitious goals. As such, it is a highly effective and invaluable new tool.