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Royal Marmin Bay Boutique & Art Hotel

A one of a kind boutique hotel, that enchants your senses.

Come in touch with your senses in an eco and glamorous environment!

The Royal Marmin Bay Boutique & Art Hotel overlooking the famous Mirabello Bay in Elounda is architecturally blended with the natural environment and is the first energy efficient, ecologically green hotel in Greece that constitutes the ideal five-star choice for those in quest of relaxation and luxury, away from their daily routine.
Royal Marmin Bay Boutique & Art Hotel with its breathtaking view, is built in a unique location in the Elounda gulf, opposite of the beautiful and world famous island of Spinalonga.
The hotel owners with their love and their vision undertool to make their dream a reality: an unrivaled luxury resort. The safe buildings which were built based on the architecture of the Cretan stone are blended perfectly with the natural environment.

Royal Marmin Bay Boutique & Art Hotel offers five types of luxury and seductive accommodation options, to meet the needs of even the most demanding travelers. Here is where the hotel’s eco-philosophy prevails with energy-autonomous rooms and smart architectural choices offering accommodation in a clean environment, since it is the first certified energy efficient and ecologically green hotel, built with the highest quality materials worldwide using facades of the company CAPAROL and ecological colors. Visited and inspected by an expert group of the German based company, it is certified with ISO certificates of the materials used for the hotel construction.

Energy efficient doors, windows (1.4, 1.6), aluminum frames (class E50), double roof insulation for green ecological roof gardens of the highest quality standards, 6 UTP lines for telephony, Building Management System, WiFi antennas, security cameras for the security of the guests, TV data) high tech certified NOVACOLOR from the Italy based company, which features this construction in a commercial campaign as the most pioneering project worldwide.

Energy saving, indirect LED lighting has been used all over the hotel and in the rooms, to increase the efficiency and power consumption.
Rooms built exclusively from Greek marble (floors, bathtubs, commodes, bathrooms) by the best Greek craftsmen.
All pergolas and exterior furniture is made of Niangon wood.
Covering the rooms externally, over the facades, the unique and world known Cretan stone is used.
As far as the central mechanological equipment is concerned (plumbing and electric installations) all electrical wiring and plumbing pipes are insulated with special reinforced materials.

With the use of BMS (Building Management System), all electronic controls concerning rooms and outside areas can be made from a central point (reception) for a more efficient operation and energy saving (fan coiler controls, lighting controls, security system etc.)
In rooms where no marble is used, tiles of the famous Mediterraneo company are used, from the most expensive and certified series on the market today.
For sanitary products, the elite series of companies such as GROHE, NAVRIANA and VITRA are used.
The Hotel software used is Opera and Micros.
The underground and surrounding areas were developed in a way so that the best morphological integration was achieved, with respect to the natural environment.
Extended works for new rooms, luxurious central buildings (lobby, spa, rooms with private pools and Jacuzzi) cover an area of 3.500 square meters.
Concerning the hotel equipment for indoor and outdoor furniture, precisely manufactured, handmade furniture from massive wood, upholstered in expensive flame retardant fabrics, haute couture curtains all of them according to ISO specifications and certifications.
Our restaurants are built in ancient Greek architectural style and named after ancient Greek gods. In our kitchens, the Royal Marmin Bay Hotel highly skilled chefs, use solely biological produce (except for meat products) in a quest for the finest Greek/Cretan cuisine taste. Extra virgin olive oil is used exclusively, for all cooking purposes.
The Spa facilities, the rooms with a private pool and Jacuzzi, the eco character, the luxurious and safe hotel facilities, impeccable service, the excellent meals in the restaurants and the prompt response to every request are just some of the features that make the hotel stand out.