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The Nolinski - Grand Opening Party - Paris, Eperdument, A la folie !

Mid-September, the Nolinski unveiled its world, imagination and story, and invited guests on a journey through times on the occasion of an immersive and artistic Grand Opening party.

Paris, Eperdument, A la folie !

Situated near the Comédie Française and the Palais Royal gardens, the Nolinski recently opened its doors. In order to unveil its world, a one of a kind Grand Opening party took place in September.
When the idea of the Opening Party came out, it was crystal clear that It had to be representative of the place but also a moment for everyone to celebrate.
Organising a memorable venue was in as sense an ode to Paris, considering all the recent negative events and the gloom, and find again the spirit of true Parisian parties of yesteryear.

The Nolinski Paris evokes the most memorable years of the last centuries, and draws its inspiration over a period divided into two stages: 1880-1910: La Belle Époque; 1910-1940: The Art Deco movement ... Half a century of progress, optimism, wealth and creativity ... This is the time when Paris became the world capital of freedom and creation. The Nolinski wanted to offer epicurean experiences inspired by that time and given to the style of the day, the magical artistic happenings, unusual encounters, many animations that embody the connection between past and future, dazzling shows ...

Paris, Eperdument, A la folie!

Inviting guests on a journey through time, between yesterday and tomorrow, offering a unique experience by playing with the contrast between modernity and history and provoking strong emotions through artistic happenings.
The objectives of this venue were to present this new luxury property to partners, media and Vip guests by revealing the public spaces, brasserie, rooms and spa but mainly to unveil his world, his imagination and story; And also to embody the artistic world of Nolinski and its core values: Emotion, Elegance, Experience, Epicurean, Exigency, Emulation and make guests live an emotional experience.

'Elegant epicurean and refined aesthete, Nolinski has an emulation spirit that leads him to travel for business throughout the world, but he often comes back to the heart of Paris. In love with the city of lights, there he likes to experience "à la française" emotions, go to the theatre or the opera, visit art galleries, do sports in the Palais Royal gardens ... In his private house, close to the Louvre: hospitality is an art, he shares exception, experience a series of precious moments, that make Nolinski a truthful encounter, unforgettable.'

The guideline of this night was to cultivate secret and strengthen the feeling of entering a private place reserved for insiders with mysterious, magical and intimate atmosphere; Surprise with impromptu visual happenings in ambulatory and creatures which transformed their passage in parenthesis unreal, fun and unexpected.

Twist the clichés by reinventing the myth of Paris cultural, historical and artistic, with a decidedly current processing and advanced impertinence;
Rhythm the evening with varied scenes set to give want to discover the spaces, a surprise for them want to stay.
This opening party required 9 months of work and many contributors and partnerships to develop the whole concept and a total budget of 200 000euros.

As a result, more than 1500 were present during this memorable venue, and could wander through the public spaces, the brasserie, the rooms and spa while enjoying shows like a snake charmer, burlesque shows, an absinthe bar, a couple dancing swing, aerial silk show...
The incredible attendance all along the evening, the number of smiles, the congratulations emails received, the posts and new followers on social media and media requests were the sign this out of time party made the people dream for a night.