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Hotel Schweizerhof Bern contributes to the survival of Switzerland’s honeybees

Hotel schweizerhof bern was the first company in Bern that placed beehives on its roof.

The Hotel Schweizerhof Bern has become the home to three buzzing beehives, set up on the roof of the five-star superior hotel. As the first owner of city bees in the city of Bern, the Schweizerhof Bern is contributing to the promotion of the city’s bee population – and as a side benefit, produces its very own "five-star honey". It is said that city honey even tastes better, because they have a wider variety of flowers to fly to, for example the botanical garden. In addition, pesticides that can be found on the countryside do not exist in the city.

Things are really humming up on the roof of the Hotel Schweizerhof Bern, especially for some 150,000 very hardworking, hotel “guests” – three hives full of honeybees, which have been installed last year in their new home above the city rooftops. By lodging these guests, the five-star superior hotel became the first company in the city of Bern to participate in an innovative project with the ultimate aim of improving the city’s ecological balance as well as drawing attention to the issue of rising bee mortality. The population of bees is decreasing on a daily basis.

A professional beekeeper looks after the welfare of the bees on the roof of the Hotel Schweizerhof Bern. Last year the Hotel Schweizerhof Bern could harvest around 160 kg of their own honey, which was more than expected. The honey named “Sky Deluxe Honey” that was harvested is for internal use it is distributed among the important guests and is also used for special events such as the 5-course honey menu that could be enjoyed at the Jack’s Brasserie.

"Bees are truly fascinating creatures," said Iris Flückiger, General Manager of the Hotel Schweizerhof Bern. “We are very pleased to be playing a role in the exciting world of city beekeeping – and we look forward to inspiring our guests with our very own ‘five-star honey’. In addition, we’re proud to have been the first in the city of Bern and to make a contribution to the survival of Switzerland’s honeybees – an important goal for us all.”