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Sol Katmandu Park&Resort is the first resort hotel and theme park combination in Majorca, featuring a new generation entertainment attractions to complement “sun&beach” properties.

One of the greatest strengths of Meliá Hotels International is its capacity for innovation and transformation, a feature that allowed us to meet challenges such as the renovation of mature destinations or the service & brands’ diversification to optimize hotel occupancy, average rates and additional revenues thanks to the experience and value proposition offered to new market segments.

In order to renovate and reposition the area of Magaluf (Majorca), one of the most traditional European tourist resorts in Spain, that had suffered a loss of quality and competitiveness in the last few decades and a sustained decline in welfare and employment due to its obsolete tourism model, Meliá Hotels International launched, on 2012, the Calvià Beach Resort project. This initiative resulted in the comprehensive reform of our 11 hotels in the area, the creation of new brands and new lifestyle leisure experiences, and the renovation of public spaces. After 5 years, Magaluf now has a new focus on quality and repositioning, returning greater value both to the community and to owners and investors.

In this context, Sol Katmandu Park & Resort initiative is part of the second phase of the Calvià Beach Resort project. It started with the union of Meliá Hotels International and Producciones de Parques, S.L., the operating company of the Katmandu Group, in a Joint Venture, that has included the integration of all the facilities, operations and communications of both businesses and the resort’s raise of category to 4 stars. Sol Katmandu Park & Resort is the first 22,000 square meter resort hotel and theme park combination, built in a densely populated tourist destination, that features a new generation entertainment to complement other available “sun & beach” properties through the island’s only “play and stay” resort entertainment experience for all ages. It is the forefront of developing original entertainment and accommodation options for all ages of holiday guests to Majorca where they can enjoy an exciting experience and a comprehensive holiday package value, providing an integrated experience to attract each customer profile and segment, including the Majorcan residents that have come back to Magaluf after many years of estrangement.

All the elements of this themed resort have been developed around specific concepts to allow the guests and customers to be immersed in the world of Katmandu, going beyond the visual aesthetics and offering a story behind the topic of the park, inspired by the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, and also have its own language.

The guests of the hotel can enjoy a variety of exclusive entertainment benefits in Katmandu Park and the park characters also make appearances at the hotel children’s club and other events. In addition, the guests of all Sol Hotels located in the Palmanova and Magaluf areas will enjoy the special privileges of the “Sol FunPass” so they receive the best value in the market place to both Katmandu Park its sister attraction, Golf Fantasia, for their entire length of stay. All of these exciting entertainment options are especially formulated for the enjoyment of holiday guests to offer high intensity amusement in a convenient, flexible, budget conscious manner.

The Sol-Katmandu collaboration project has received full support from officials of Calvià, that welcomed the initiative since it demonstrates the energy and commitment that the companies have for investing in Calvià with innovative projects that sets the area as a premiere tourist destination. Also, the municipality’s taxi service was interested on the project and had reached a special agreement that for just one euro per person and journey, Sol Hotel guests are able to travel to and from their hotel to Katmandu Park and Golf Fantasia, or from park to park.

This successful experience will hopefully exceed the Magaluf project, as the Joint Venture between Meliá Hotels International and Katmandu Group aims to open more Katmandu themed-resorts in other locations, since this initiative shouldn’t be restricted to one area because it adds a new dimension to the leisure experience for families in addition to the beach and other facilities of other mature destinations.

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