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Prizeotel Hannover-City

prizeotel Hannover-City embodies extravagant design that captivates with bright colors, organic forms and functionality, and an ever greater focus on technical innovations than before.

prizeotel Hannover-City, the third hotel in the prizeotel chain designed by Karim Rashid, embodies extravagant design that captivates with bold and bright colors, organic forms and functionality, and an ever greater focus on technical innovations than before. The two founders behind the idea of prizeotel are Marco Nussbaum and Dr. Matthias Zimmermann. When they founded prizeotel in 2006, they contemplated a cool hotel concept which is also affordable for guests. And to make this idea immediately noticeable in the name, they came up with the neologism “prizeotel”. prizeotel was designed to be sustainable, credible and user-oriented. The goal was to create a unified and comprehensive brand worldwide.

prizeotel currently operates three hotels with a total of 555 rooms in Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen. A design atmosphere at an affordable price is the prizeotel signature, with rooms starting at 59 Euro a night. The new budget hotel extends the concept that a hospitality space is not just a transient space, but an immersive experience that brings well-being to the guest.

Each prizeotel has its own style - curved, round, elliptical and somewhat edgy- designed by top New York designer Karim Rashid. From the outside to the inside, the design is fresh and recognizable, with great attention to detail. Throughout the space, the guest is immersed in saturated, seductive color, optically pleasurable graphics, and built elements that emphasize curves, friendliness, and sensuality. In this way, the hotels became “signature brand hotels”.

The Hannover-City hotel pops with a pink, yellow, white, and purple color scheme. Numerous service facilities stand out as visual landmarks, defining environments and functions. These landmarks include the cleanly minimal reception desk, which greets guests with an extended, striking form that blends into the bar. Another notable design is the monolithic buffet island in the center of the dining area. Every aspect of the environment- from the seating to the wallcovering design to the floor patterns to the shaped mirrors and closet spaces-speaks to a sensual and utterly contemporary ambiance.

prizeotel has always embraced technology as the ultimate assurance of convenience and security for their guests. Using a free app, guests can perform Mobile Check-In, a cutting-edge innovation that allows guests to easily book their rooms, save important data for ease of access, and to use their smart devices as digital room keys. Reducing stress and allowing for more pleasure during travel, these innovations ensure that prizeotel’s hotel services are as modern as the environment, seamlessly bringing hospitality into the digital age.