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ALDEMAR RESORTS - Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring

Sympossio is a Greek culinary journey to major West & East European cities, promoting the country’s gastronomy in the most vivid, experiential way.

Aldemar Resorts is one of the leading hotel chains in Greece with a total capacity of 5,500 beds and a portfolio of 8 Deluxe Resorts in 3 strategic destinations: Crete, Rhodes and the west Peloponnese. By continuously investing in innovative products and ideas and by demonstrating a high level of responsibility toward people, society, and the natural environment, the Aldemar Group –with over 29 years of presence in the tourism market– is recognised as being one of the most dynamic businesses and a major representative of the Greek hospitality industry.

Realizing the importance of gastronomy in the tourism spectre, the Aldemar Group has been very keen in initiating action to further support it. To this end, 7 years ago, “Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring” was designed, planned and set in motion with the clear objective of enhancing the image of Greece abroad by means of gastronomy.

The customized moveable programme of Sympossio aims to promote Greece’s products with emphasis on locality, quality and gastronomic culture, as a way to enhance the positive image of the country.

It takes place once a year and its duration is on average 3 months, but is likely to extend throughout the year. The culinary events are hosted in designated locations in various European Countries; with each night event staged in a different city. Operating on the basis of synergies, Sympossio brings together the Greek National Tourism Organisation and Greek producers, chefs, hoteliers, airlines and coastal transport companies, tour operators and travel trade businesses.

Sympossio has had a really positive impact on local agricultural economies, as well as on the promotion of Greek culinary traditions to Aldemar’s clientele and, over the years, has become an annual institution for the tourism sector in Greece.

The man behind the idea of Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring, Mr. Alexandros Angelopoulos, Vice President of Aldemar Resorts, describes this journey of Greek gastronomy around the world as “A Sensory Voyage Into Flavours & Authenticity”.

Greek cuisine and healthy nutrition are being communicated through Sympossio, which is one of the most dynamic and extroverted promotional programmes ever set in motion by Aldemar Resorts, with the collaboration of Greek hoteliers and other trade partners in Greece, aiming to establish Greece on the world map as a distinct culinary destination! During the Sympossio events, participants do not only get to savour an evening of Greek gastronomy, they also learn about our unique local products, recipes and traditions – in other words, they become exposed to the whole Sympossio experience.

Sympossio offers direct association with “Symposia” held in Greek antiquity, which were social events for the purposes of drinking, dining and intellectual discussion among Greeks.

The Sympossio team comprises the inspired Chefs of Aldemar Resorts, as well as support staff, sharing the secrets of traditional and modern Greek cuisine with participants or guests, in the most vivid experiential way!

With the motto “Together We Can Do Better”, Greek companies cooperate in order to empower their business while, at the same time, endorsing business relationships among European markets. The benefits of joining forces with Sympossio are multiple, because it is these synergies are effective in promoting Greece’s products and gastronomic culture in an innovative way, and ensuring sustainable opportunities for tourism and all the products & services associated with it (production, services, exports).

Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring is by all means quite a successful programme, dependent on synergies, and contingent on top-quality products and services. It aspires to provide sustainable opportunities for growth for tourism or tourism-related businesses in Greece. It is a customized, interactive, customer-oriented, multi-faceted project that requires careful planning and special know-how. With the objective to enhance Greece’s culinary reputation abroad, Sympossio manages to show the correlation between hospitality, gastronomy and culture in Greece, thus expanding the foreign customer base for the Greek tourism industry.

With Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring, Aldemar Resorts places Greece on the global tourist map, as an outstanding, attractive destination that offers a “wealth of experiences”!