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Le Moulin des Etangs - Quintessence of treatments

Le Moulin des Etangs is a well-being backdrop whose only purpose is to offer you an authentic custom made experience letting rediscover your own Quintessence.

The magnificent Domaine des Etangs has recently introduced a new space for wellness and relaxation discretely hidden away in a former water-mill: Le Moulin des Etangs.

Designed in complete harmony with the expanses of protected natural surroundings it is a place for total relaxation of the body, mind and soul. The ideal place to feel good and to renew your connection to both yourself and your natural surroundings.

In contrast to technological performance, the philosophy of Le Moulin is based on a number of elements which are as vital as they are simplistic: efficient and precise movements and a rediscovered understanding of the beneficial qualities of plants, trees, flowers… all of the natural resources that can be found here at the Domaine. It is by surrendering yourself to the tranquility of water from our ponds, to the reassuring company of an ancient tree, by marveling at the unexpected passage of wild animals or the changing colors of the sky, that your spirit will open itself up to new experiences and the body will prepare itself for all that it will experience in Le Moulin. Carried out in complete harmony with the cycle of seasons and the principal elements of water, air, fire and earth, the treatments offered by our practitioners are directly inspired by the surrounding natural environment.

To start the relaxation process shortly after arrival, guests have the option to receive their first relaxation treatment, a procedure which can take place in their own bedroom, in the confines of the windmill or outside, in the open air.

Never before seen procedures have been created exclusively for Le Moulin, which place the gestures and hand movements at the heart of the experience. Created in accordance with the specific needs of each individual guest - after an interview during their first visit - and thanks to precise massaging techniques, practitioners are able to release tensions, firm and plump the face, relax and invigorate the body and unveil radiant skin. Along with these treatments, a customized choice of both fresh and dried garden plants are used in infused compresses and for bathing treatments, Charentes salt is added to footbath, while crushed and ground wheat serves as a base for body exfoliation treatments.

Before or after treatment, our practitioners invite guests to discover the Domaine in another way, by suggesting some other activities that will help them to let off steam: a boat trip, a sport (tennis, running, swimming) or meditation activity (yoga and meditation), a visit to the vegetable garden, a picnic in the forest, tasting a delicious gourmet dish or simply watching the stars… It is a place of freedom, where truly anything is possible, including doing nothing.

Inside this calming and reassuring ancient nut press, you will find the wheel and the mechanism still functioning. A rustic environment which serves as a backdrop to this calm setting, decorated with a mixture of stone, wood, glass and metal.

In the reception area, stylish furniture are a lively contrast to the old wooden floor and the rugged stone walls. Le Moulin has five treatment rooms each dedicated to a different element: four individual treatment rooms and one suite where parents can share an unforgettable experience especially designed for families. Le Moulin also offers first well-being experiences approach, indoor as well as outdoor, specifically created for kids - using proper organic children products - from reassuring and soft movements to playful and greedy collation.

Spacious changing rooms and a relaxation room, with its comfortable wing chairs complete this unique place.

Each rooms offer a breathtaking view onto surrounding nature. Here, technology is discretely present in the form of a small piece of wood suspended from the ceiling, which spreads a custom made soundtrack.

A constant presence at Domaine is Art with original pieces which forms an important part of the wellness experience. Contemporary artwork invites you to stop for a moment and lose yourself in the contemplation.

Duy Anh Nhan Duc has created poetic, botanical pieces: a small field of clovers, a fantastic herb garden and botanical portraits representing the elements, which are displayed in the treatment rooms.

The artist and drawer, Cyprien Chabert, has drawn an imaginary forest which is visible on the ceilings of the relaxation room, as well as in the changing rooms which gives the impression of being beneath the trees;

When you look beyond Le Moulin des Etangs, it is in fact the entirety of Domaine des Etangs which forms something of a universe of well-being. Its 1000 hectare area provides guests with numerous opportunities for enjoyment and freedom, which allows everyone to find something that meets their needs and desires.

While the time goes away, your experience at Le Moulin des Etangs lets rediscover who you really are and get back to the basic: the Quintessence.

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