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ibislang - Seducing Millenials

ibislang : the innovative marketing campaign to seduce the Millennials target with an original and creative content on digital & social media channels.

ibis is the leading economy hotel brand. However, while the 18-26 years old know the brand, they do not consider it instinctively as their accommodation main option when travelling.

Indeed, Millennials are facing a tension: they are very connected, eager to discover new places and new cultures, but still have a limited budget.

To solve this tension in the Millennials’ lives, ibis has set up a dedicated offer, with unbeatable prices.

But to make a real signal that will attract the attention of Millennials, we needed to develop a specific communication territory. For this, we relied on an insight: when traveling, young people do not always speak the (same) language but they always end up understanding one another.

Thus, the campaign features four young Europeans on vacation that communicate in a language made from the mix of their 4 native languages: the ibislang.

They live funny and quirky situations, with which all young travelers can identify: the choice of vacation spot when you are numerous, the after-party breakfast, some prejudices about one another that are shattered, etc.

It is thus a webseries (comprising of 8 episodes) and about 20 GIFs that were created for a 100% digital use on social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter)

This unique campaign was broadcasted in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Brazil.

In a month time, this campaign generated 1,012,287 views on the films. The reach has also skyrocketed, recording +312.49% compared to a selection of other ibis promotions, and +35.79% compared to a selection of other ibis videos.

As secondary objectives, ibislang generated 269,707 engagements, that is to say an increase of 51.63% of engagement compared to the average engagement rate of the ibis community.

ibis is becoming a trendier brand for young people, who accounted for more than 20,791 booked room nights in 2 weeks, following the first batch of the campaign.

Hasta luego brother!