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Quentin GILBERT - Responsable d’Exploitation du Campanile de Roissy

At the age of 31, Quentin Gilbert, deputy manager in the three stars hotel Campanile Roissy CDG airport is showing since he started as an F&B manager an everyday unfailing commitment to carry out his aim.

Today he has decided to be part of the Louvre Hotels Group plan’s and he actually does represent very well the values of the group. Quentin shows a real exemplarity day after day. He does things, he dares to make things happened and dreams to go always further.

Like many people working in hospitality, Quentin has not graduated from any degree or master. He started to work right after two years in Bazeilles, a public school of hospitality. He began in England following his plans.

“I only had one thing in mind, learning English in England because I didn’t manage to learn it at school. “ Then Quentin had a plan, travelling all around the world to develop his human and adaptation’s skills. He was enthusiastic about discovering China but he actually ended up in Australia where he met his wife, south Korean herself!  Quentin is definitely a citizen of the world.

He finally spent one year in England, two years in Australia, worked on a luxury cruise ship and lived a year finally not in China but in South Korea.( his heart has been finally taken on the way by his future wife from South Korea.)

There is no doubt that all these travels brought him a lot of experience and humility, that he uses every day at work.

Since he arrived in Paris, Quentin has led the happy guarantee DNA into his hotel. He has realized among other things an underground DJ party, concerts, photos exhibition, playground, happy welcome etc. but what he is the most proud of is “the positive spirit of his team”.

“It’s unbelievable what people can realize when they are positive and trust themselves! Every single person of my 70 staffs made me at least once realized that they are the key to success: Customer satisfaction, turnover increase etc.”

Recently, a customer was looking for Quentin. He was impressed and said: “you have a wonderful team. I have been watching them all night from the restaurant and then from the bar and they all look like a theater show. They go, and come back, move smoothly, always keep calm and smiling even when the restaurant is very busy”. He was amazed. So was Quentin.

His leadership, exemplarity and success at work made him a manager recognized by his peers. This year Louvre Hotel Group has offered Quentin the great opportunity to prepare a master at the international management school of Savignac.

“I am very proud to embody the values of the group. I truly believe that respect in all circumstances and hard work can lead anyone much further than he thinks.
Let’s do it, let’s dare it, let’s dream it!”

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