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Akdeniz University

Akdeniz University was founded in 1982 in Antalya, and incorporated a number of higher education institutions in the West Mediterranean region of Turkey.

In 1992 the units of Akdeniz University which were located in Isparta were transferred to Süleyman Demirel University, and in 2006 the units in Burdur were transferred to Mehmet Akif Ersoy University. From its foundation to the present day, Akdeniz University has been responsible for vital and pioneering work in the fields of education, research, development, and service to society, resulting in a series of notable successes at both the national and international level which have made the name of our university synonymous with advances in health, social and natural sciences, as well as progress in the artistic and educational world. 


The primary mission of Akdeniz University is to provide a high level of education which is closely integrated with the academic world; to establish high quality programmes which support student mobility; to create scientific research and applications to a global standard with universal relevance; to transform our scientific projects into technologically viable products; to meet the needs of society for knowledge, technology and social solutions at the most advanced level through ongoing programmes in the fields of education, health and other vital services.


The vision of Akdeniz University is to become a world-class university dedicated to continuous improvement in the quality of its education, research, art and technology, while at the same time encouraging entrepreneurial activity and showing sensitivity to the environmental.

Today, Akdeniz University has 39 units, including 16 faculties, 7 institutes, 4 schools, 1 conservatory and 11 vocational schools.