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European International College

The European International College (EIC) was established in 2006 as a higher educational institution in the UAE and introduced Hospitality, Business Management; and more recently the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA). Providing a global vision, relevance for the local community and market; while demonstrating a passion for learning, is what makes EIC a boutique learning institution. EIC provides a culture that focuses on the student learning experience and is consistently adapting to student dynamics. The faculty is committed in systemically delivering an efficient and effective model of instruction to provide the most relevant learning needed for intellectual growth and career aspiration. By developing a friendly, collegial and supportive environment, EIC provides a cooperative and competitive arena for students to explore their life potential. It is through a truly open approach to feedback and discourse, EIC is the facilitator of success for our students.

Our aim is to equip the students with the knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and sense of professionalism that will prepare them in the real world to be creative, visionaries and leaders in their chosen profession.

Our Values

EIC thrives by the motto learning is lifelong investment. We are dedicated as staff and faculty to inspire our students to discover learning and cultivate their intellect. EIC opens the doors to a wealth of knowledge to support students' personal and professional future. Our goal is to work together with the students fusing our synergies to secure their place as active participants in the development and prosperity of society.

Affiliation & Partnerships

  • César Ritz Colleges

European International College of Hotel Management and Tourism is affiliated to the world renowned César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, is ranked amongst the top hotel management training educational programs in Europe. Through our Memorandum of Cooperation, graduates from our program can transfer to Switzerland to complete a BA at "César Ritz" Colleges.

  • Niagara College, Canada

Niagara College is located in the famous southern Ontario tourism region in Niagara Falls, Canada. The College offers over 90 academic and professional programs. Niagara College is most known for its Hotel, Tourism and Culinary Programs, which all have paid work experience as part of the academic requirements. Programs are focused on occupational and industry related skills. Upon successful completion of academic requirements, international students can work in Canada, in their respective field, for up to three years