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Since 1966, SSTH Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality has prepared young people for their professional career, with a particular focus on hospitality and gastronomy. All of our programs, at all educational levels, have a strong emphasis on practical experience. Thanks to their well-founded knowledge and practical work experience, our graduates are immediately employable and ready to accept responsibility. It is not without pride when we state that SSTH is the only hotel school which takes part each year serving participants of the World Economic Forum in Davos. With only around 300 students, personal contact within our close-knit community of students, staff, and faculty is one of the main strengths of SSTH. We set a high value on our learning environment, which involves a combination of trust, respect and professionalism.

The Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality's teaching approach focuses on the individual development of each student.

Our curriculum is designed to develop the competencies needed - at the highest level of quality - to enable our graduates to become true experts in the hospitality and tourism industry, and to become successful professionals.

SSTH offers a very practical, competency-based education, with a student-centered approach that focuses on the individual and their success.

Our teaching is therefore very hands-on, with project and problem-based learning, service learning, and group work. In this way, we ensure our graduates become competent, team orientated professionals that are capable of critical evaluation and problem solving, communicating effectively across cultures and thinking entrepreneurially.

At SSTH, it's not what you know, but what you can do that counts.

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), the world's most famous hospitality management school, acquired our institution in November 2013 as a majority shareholder, alongside hotelleriesuisse, the Swiss Hotel Association (SHA).